See Reasons why Bishop David Oyedepo always wear white suits

Living Faith church (Winners Chapel) founder, explains why he always wears white suits, in a statement on Friday at the Church of God Mission (CGM) MEGACON 2021 in Benin, Edo State. He said, he had this continues love for white suits ever since, because it’s easier to maintain so therefore the cost at maintenance Is quite very low and white doesn’t fades, if in case it does, it fades to white so it won’t show.

Read what he said below:

“Do you know why I wear white? It is the cheapest thing to wear. White suits are the cheapest or you don’t know, try it.”

“Praise God. I used to crack joke with a friend and said, you see my dress, the whole thing; how much does it cost because I have the permanent white up and down that I wear.”

“If I don’t change, you can’t know because if it fades, it fades to white. White can’t fade to black, it can only fade to white.”

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